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An Introduction to Newborn Sleep: Taster session

newborn baby having skin to skin contact which allows your baby to hear the sound of your heartbeat and voice, which will help to relax and calm them. Skin to skin also helps regulate your baby's breathing, temperature and heart rate/ Stimulates digestion and interest in feeding. It is also important for developing loving parent-infant relationships.
Settling babies in such a comforting way can help with  settling for naps and overnight sleep.


Welcome to our online program An Introduction to Newborn Sleep. This course is good place to start when it comes to learning about newborn sleep. It is designed as a bit of taster session, to help parents begin to establish healthy sleep habits for their newborns. Learn about creating a soothing bedtime routine, understanding newborn sleep patterns, and implementing safe sleep practices. I will guide you through some techniques for soothing your baby to sleep and provide advice on creating a sleep-friendly environment. If you are a first time parent, this program offers education and strategies to increase your knowledge and promote better sleep for your newborn.

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