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Mini Sleepers Reward Chart

Mini Sleepers Reward Chart

Reward charts are a great way to motivate your child (ages 3+). They are a great tool for encouraging and reinforcing positive behaviour and behaviour change.  At MiniSleepers,  we often suggest to parents to use reward charts alongside any sleep training in order to support the process. Before you start using a sticker chart or any reward system, sit down with your child and explain what it will be used for,  what behaviours you want to see and how it will work.  For example, for a child who is purposely delaying their bedtime, a sticker may be given if the child goes in to their bed on time.  You may decide after 5 stickers they get a small prize or a sticker in itself may just be enough. Keep it simple. 


Toddlers love rewards and incentives so here is a sticker chart that you can start using  today! (you just need some stickers )




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