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The Power of 'Le Pause'

The concept of “le pause “ was a game changer for me with my second child Delilah. I discovered this simple phrase whilst reading Pamela Druckerman’s well known book French Children Don’t Throw Food. Simply put the idea is to pause, observe and give your baby a minute or two to settle or soothe themselves back to sleep before rushing into the their room and picking them up or intervening, whichever method you use. This isn’t about letting your baby cry it out, it is about understanding that babies are pretty noisy beings when they are asleep and it’s important to determine whether these noises (or little cries) are a signal that your baby is awake and is simply transitioning between sleep cycles or that they actually need you. My advice is to wait, observe and take action. Your action can either be to go back to that cuppa you were enjoying because

your baby has settled or attend to your child.

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