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Bespoke Sleep Solutions for Ages 6 months to 4 Years

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I am a Sally, a baby and toddler sleep consultant and mum of 2 girls

About Me

Welcome to MiniSleepers! I am Sally, a mum of two gorgeous girls and extremely passionate about helping families achieve good quality sleep.

Prior to becoming a baby and toddler sleep consultant, I worked for 10 years in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist, specialising in pain management. Part of my remit was helping my patients with their sleep problems. Following the birth of my first child, my interest in infant sleep grew, as I understood the importance and the need for good quality, restorative sleep for all the family. I took my passion for infant sleep further and qualified as a sleep consultant, whilst on maternity leave with my second child. 

I recognise the importance of sleep for the wellbeing of the entire family. I am passionate about helping parents (caregivers) and children, to get the sleep they need and deserve.

My approach is one that is open, honest and respectful of ones parenting style and family values. Through my sleep packages, I will endeavor to give you the confidence  you need  to support you child with their sleep.

BSc Hons Psychology

PGDip Occupational Therapy

OCN Level 6 Advanced Paediatric Sleep Practitioner

Home: About

My Story.....My Why 

Advanced Infant Sleep Consultant

When my eldest daughter Darcey was born, I researched everything about infant sleep and put into place a routine from very early on. Darcey slept brilliantly. I thought I had it all figured out until Delilah came along. During a light bulb moment I realised that my children were different and I needed take a different approach to managing her sleep issues. By getting Delilah into a good routine and putting some healthy sleep habits in place, I was able to resolve sleep issues quite quickly.  

Whilst on maternity leave, I decided to take my interest in sleep further and I studied to become a Paediatric Sleep Consultant. I completed a level 6 certification, the highest level of qualification in the field of paediatric sleep.  

I understand the importance of sleep for all the family. Sleep is a biological necessity; we all need it. I want to empower parents to have the confidence to shape their child’s sleep and no longer endure endless nights of sleep deprivation. 

  • 150 British pounds
  • With three weeks worth of support,this is perfect for any sleep probl...

    250 British pounds
  • A 30 minute telephone/zoom call for general advice or a specific issue

  • A 30 minute telephone/zoom call for general advice on sleep or routine...

  • Interested in purchasing A guide to Early Morning Wakings but also hav...

    60 British pounds
  • A perfect option for new parents or parents to be

    40 British pounds
  • Top up support can be purchased in conjunction with a sleep package



Thank you so much for helping me get Joshua sleeping 12 hours at night. Before last week since he was born he was waking every four hours, meaning I’ve been totally knackered 




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OCN London Accredited Level 6 Training qualification 

Member of World Sleep Society
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